Commercial real estate in RESIDENT Concept House

For those, who are looking for the premises for their companies, the RESIDENT Concept House offers the best options of commercial premises. In the building located in the very centre of the city you may acquire real estate in a variety of areas and configurations, including two-level views.

On the 1st and 2nd floors we have allocated a space for a two-level restaurant and two-level store. We have already designed necessary utility systems for them, took into account the power consumption volumes and provided two separate entrance groups – from the side of the yard and Volodymyrska Street. The total floor space of two-level premises for the restaurant is close 350 m2, for the store – close 180 m2.

For the companies looking for an office in the centre of the city we offer commercial real estate with a floor space from 70 m2 to 450 m2. Planning - classic one-level and two-level with panoramic views. Separate exits are also provided for the offices.

Advantages of the residential complex include:
  • high-profile building of the low-rise format with distinguished facade,
  • comfortable location in the prestigious part of Kyiv,
  • developed infrastructure of the neighbourhood,
  • limited offer of a highly liquid format of commercial real estate,
  • adjacency with well-respected companies,
  • well-thought-out layout of the residential and commercial part of the building,
  • possibility to acquire the premises intended in advance for a certain field of business and where the investor’s individual requirements have been taken into account,
  • high security standards,
  • availability of the Atmosfera Managing Company with the personal Sfera mobile application.
To get more details about purchase of commercial real estate, please, contact our manager via telephone (044) 299 28 04.