Indeed, you cannot buy everything for money, but there is still something you can. For example, you can buy an apartment in a club house surrounded by green parks. Spacious apartments in the very historical heart of the city overlooking ancient houses. You can reach your work on foot if you are working the Kyiv City. Everyday stroll in the most gorgeous parks of Kyiv…

The word “luxury” is filled in with a new sense. Today, luxury means more time for your family. You can enjoy the picturesque view of the city from your own terrace leaving your smartphone aside. It means you will know your neighbors in persons rather than by license plates of their cars. The comfy life filled with happiness is priceless.

We are pleased to introduce a new place to live in by developers of NEW YORK Concept House and CHICAGO Central House. The houses that combine uniqueness, mystery and aristocratic spirit. RESIDENT Concept House is one of a kind.