RESIDENT in the heart of the capital

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The RESIDENT Concept House residential complex is situated in a historic and business centre
of Kyiv, on one of the oldest streets – Volodymyrska Street. Living here, you may forget about
car keys, since all you need will be very close to the house. Your everyday route will run through
architectural monuments, and each building on your street will tell you its own history. There are
a lot of Kyiv landmarks here: the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, the Golden Gates, the National
Opera House, the Pedagogical Museum, the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
You can reach the underground stations “Olimpiiska" or “Palats Sportu” in 10-15 minutes and
from that place, you can get to almost any site of the city, quickly and without traffic jams.
Though, it is unlikely you will do it often – the location of the RESIDENT Concept House is
convenient both for work and for life, whereas business centres, co-workings, restaurants,
cafés, boutiques, theatres and cinemas are placed here.
The road to work is a real pleasure when you live in the centre. Every day you will pass through
the city centre with its old streets and cosy parks. You can reach a nearest co-working by foot –
there are “Ziferblat”, “Chasopys”, “BiblioTech Smart Café”, “Free Space Pause”, “My Print HUB”
at your service.
Only a few minute’s walk – and you are in the Shevchenko park. It is a nice place both for a
walk in solitude, and for entertainment with children, since there is a children’s playground. You
may have a rest and relax in the Politseiskyi Square not far from the St. Nicolas Cathedral or in
the botanical garden.
Only the best coffee is for the residents. “Life of Wonderful People”, “Come and Stay”, “Aroma
Espresso Bar”, “Kharms” – these and other cafés are located within a walking distance from the
RESIDENT Concept House. This district is abundant with good restaurants, as well: “BEEF
meat & wine”, “Three Forks”, “Al Faro”, “Lyubimy Dyadya”, “MAMA MANANA", “Shishka”.
Additionally, the main cultural events of Kyiv take place very close to the RESIDENT Concept
House. Within a walking distance there are cinemas “Kyiv” and “Kinopanorama”, where film
festivals and high profile first performances take place. The National Opera House and Operetta
Theatre are also located near, so you may discuss a performance and feast your eyes on the
night city, while returning home on foot. The NSC “Olimpiyskiy” and the Palace "Ukraine", where
big concerts take place, are also located nearby.
Living in the RESIDENT Concept House, you may every day contemplate magnificent old
streets and be in the very centre of cultural life.