RESIDENT Concept House has started to sell the apartments

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There will be only 63 apartments in RESIDENT Concept House, so do not miss the opportunity to join a small community of inhabitants of the club house.
Apartments of the RESIDENT Concept House have an area of 41.7 to 199.6 m². During the construction process, we offer our clients an individual apartment layout, which will take their wishes into account. Some of the apartments will have access to spacious landscaped terraces, with views of Zhilyanska and Volodymyrska streets.
RESIDENT Concept House will be equipped with a modern security system that takes full account on privacy. The project involves the construction of a built-in public premises and underground parking.
We paid considerable attention to the design and creation of the unique aesthetics of the RESIDENT Concept House, in order to fully reveal its aristocratic character. The lower part of the facade will be decorated with metal, similar to the ancient gold. Interiors of public spaces in the building will be decorated by a collection of works of contemporary art.
Uniqueness, mystery and aristocratic spirit are interwoven in this house. Find out more about RESIDENT Concept House at the sales office at 44 Antonovycha street.