How the fire-protection system in the RESIDENT Concept House is organized

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We take care for comfort and calmness of future residents of the RESIDENT Concept House, that is why we envisage all fire precaution measures – apply fire-retardant materials, install fire-protection alarm system and equip the car parking lots with fire sprinkler system.


Which materials are used for construction? Are certificates of flame resistance available?

To make walls of the RESIDENT Concept House cold-proof, we have chosen fire-resistant lag wool, for roofs – extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) –  hardly flammable material, which begins smouldering only when heated more than 140 C0.  XPS is protected with fire-proof covering: underneath – with concrete tiles, and on top – with concrete levelling. Other doors have a high rate of fire-resistance: loss of integrity and insulation capacity beyond the bound of 45 minutes. The doors of engineer premises and elevators are flame-resistant with a bound of fire resistance of 60 minutes. External apartment doors – are shockproof ones with a bound of fire resistance of 30 minutes.

There are corresponding certificates for all new building insulants.


Where will a fire alarm system be installed? How will it work in case of fire?

The RESIDENT Concept House is classified to the category of buildings with a height over 26.5 m to 47.6 m. Therefore, the fire alarm system will be installed in interior exit to apartments, integrated rooms on the ground floor and premises of the underground parking. The fire alarm system transmits a command impulse to launch an anti-smoke system, ventilation shutting off and putting an elevator into a “fire service mode”. Additionally, self-contained electro-optical fire detectors will be installed in apartments, which sounds an audio signal on smoke in the premises.


Will smoke and gas detectors be installed in the building?  

The RESIDENT Concept House will be equipped with some detectors which under the fire safety standards shall be installed on car parking lots and have automatic alarm system.

An automatic alarm system for explosive concentration of methane gas is envisaged in basements and underground facilities, in places of service lines.


How will evacuation be carried out in case of fire?

An evacuation will be carried out through stairways, where there are exterior light and windows, which one can open to clean smoke. Residents may also use external balcony to wait for firefighters. All doors equipped with an access control system will unblock automatically under a sound of the fire alarm system. The system will switch elevators to “fire service mode” and they will switch off.


How does the fire extinguishing system work?

Hydrants will be installed in the RESIDENT Concept House. The building will be equipped with an automatic water extinguishing system. Before the fire, the pipelines of the automatic sprinkler system of the water extinguishing system are filled with water and are under pressure. In the event of a fire due to the effect of high temperature the frangible bulb of sprinkler (or several sprinklers) melts over the fire front opening the sprinkler.