Underground parking

in RESIDENT Concept House

Nowadays, an underground parking has become an integral part of infrastructure of residential complexes. And there are quite reasonable grounds for that:

  • ● Parking on the ground and underground floors sufficiently saves space of surrounding premises of the building, which allows property developers to implement the concept for improvements of the building to the full extent.
  • ● Availability of parking spaces in the residential complex makes its more attractive to investors. Each driver is interested in his/her car protection from a rain, snow and temperature difference.
  • ● An underground parking helps to organise a transport infrastructure by separating the space into a pedestrian zone and drive ways. Designing an underground parking in the building, property developers often envisage space for bicycle parking, thus resolving the issue of bicycles storage.

For the residents of the residential complex availability of the underground parking is not less beneficial. Since there are no garages and parking area around the building; the residents will be able to feel all advantages of improvements of social space. Safe and green yards with space for children’s playground and recreation area is a result not only of correct design of the residential complex, but also a sign of care for comfortable life of its residents. While constructing the RESIDENT Concept House, we follow modern trends of space arrangement and create the residential complex, which will meet all needs of its residents.

What the underground parking in RESIDENT Concept House will look like?

We have designed the underground parking for reliable storage of the cars in the RESIDENT Concept House. It will be located on two levels and will have 38 parking spaces. The maximum area will be 12.5 sq.m., and the minimum area will be 7.6 sq.m., so the owners of smart cars or offroaders will be able to choose a parking space, optimal for their car. For the convenience of residents and guests of the residential complex, an elevator will be installed in the underground parking, so leaving the car, its owner can immediately get to his floor.

Underground parking will meet all safety requirements – each floor will be equipped with a fire alarm system and smoke detectors. In the underground premises of the Resident residential complex, we will install hydrants that will activate automatic water fire extinguishing system. We have also provided a fire emergency exit and additional exits.

Terms for purchasing space in underground parking of RESIDENT residential complex

The RESIDENT Concept House is designed taking into account its main features – location in the very heart of Kiev at: 86A Volodymyrska Str. This is a prestigious and at the same time a historic district of the city, so we have chosen the format of a low-rise building with a limited number of apartments for the implementation of the concept.

That is why, so as not to waste time and be able to purchase an accommodation and parking space, contact the Sales Department, located at: 44, Antonovycha Str. You can ask the manager about the price of the parking lot and find out more about the terms for purchasing the real estate in the residential complex.